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This list is not all inclusive.

Fletcher Floors has a large variety of suppliers, a lot of which you are open to order from yourself but to find our exclusive products you will need to apply for an account with us.

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If the material you are looking for is not listed that does not mean we don’t have it.
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Glue Down Carpet
Carpet Over Pad
Carpet Tile


Solid Vinyl Tile:



Joe Fletcher

A second generation owner and operator of Fletcher’s Floors, Joe ​builds upon his Family ​legacy by fostering a supportive work environment, providing a quality product and committing to customer service. Joe’s secret to success isn’t driven by ​his ​profits, it is driven by family. “I give my team the confidence they need to do what they do best”—for themselves, for Fletcher’s Floors and for you, the customer.

Daisy Grimes

Human Resources
Daisy’s time at Fletcher’s Floors began in the bustling warehouse amongst the flurry of delivery trucks, beeping forklifts​ and hurried installer​s​​. As ​our flooring family​ grew​,​ so did she, ultimately ​earning her place as an integral piece of ​our administration. Daisy’s persistent passion and friendly face bring a touch of grace to the whirlwind that ​is often ​​the contracting​ industry​.

Mike Moreno

​It's all about the numbers for this shrewd and calculating man. Mike's valued place on our team comes from his ​regarded ability to account for all the foreseen— and ​sometimes unforeseen— necessities of a job. Every Fletcher’s Floors inquiry that hits Mike’s desk leaves more accurate and one step closer toward a successful completion.

Sonia Arellano

Project Manager & Logistics - Sonia ArellanoProject Manager
Forget Siri, Alexa and Cortana! Sophia is the lady with all the answers. This Flying F thrives in the organized chaos of the Fletcher’s Floors warehouse and is a master of the many moving pieces. With a versatile skill set and a thirst for challenges, Sophia is prepared with an exact response for any question you throw at her—and it’s never “Sorry, I didn’t get that.”

Andrew Lindo

Customer Service & Sales
​If you’re wondering how our team can serve your next project, Andrew is the man to see. He is a warm and welcoming liaison who sets the groundwork necessary for any successful customer relationship. The irony is, given his title, conversations with Andrew involve very little selling because Fletcher’s Floors’ track record of quality, craftsmanship and service practically sells itself.​

Marc Cuomo

General Manager
The mark of a great manager (pun somewhat intended) is knowing th​at​ ​supporting your team ​in ​achiev​ing​​ their ​daily ​objectives is your only objective, and no one ​sees that big picture better than our Marc. From Sales to Operations, this GM has his hands in everything and does whatever it takes to ensure the Fletcher’s Floors crew delivers the best service possible to our customers. “I like helping people get what they need done because my success is based upon their success.”

Jose Angel

In-Field Installation Manager
With over nine years of field work and management experience, Jose knows that surprises can happen on any job site—even with the most detailed of planning. However, armed with a positive attitude and regard for the safety and well-being of our Fletcher’s Floors installers, Jose has the know-how to prevent those treatable hiccups from becoming full-blown emergencies.

Steven Gonzalez